Office Delivery


He sat behind his desk at mid afternoon and thought about how to spend the holiday. Labor Day and he was the only one trying to get a jump on the week ahead of him but all he kept thinking about was jumping on the Internet and finding something exciting. He wanted an experience that would break him out of his routine, he needed a good distraction from the chaos of the move. Seeking something naughty he indulged in the impulse to just look. One ad caught his attention, “Lost Bet; Must perform oral service on stranger.”


After clicking on the title, the ad stated the woman wasn’t interested in monetary advancements and that the ad was consequently up for only three more hours. There was a window on how long the bet would stand apparently, a stupid college prank more than likely. Guidelines would have to be met and a photo would have to be sent. If deemed orally worthy, the recipient was guaranteed satisfaction. He thought about the legal traps that could be dangling him into something illegal. Curiosity got the best of him in a few moments and he sent the needed information.


A reply was sent back within ten minutes, which stated a woman would be arriving in an hour to relieve his tension. Her guise was she would be delivering him roses. The set up was a stranger meets a sales girl who would pretend to be oblivious to the situation. The responder further insinuated, “Best acting of your life. You’ll never know it isn’t real.” He smiled and closed his laptop and thought about shutting the blinds in his office but decided it wasn’t important. The woman probably wouldn’t show and there was no one in the offices anyway, why not be a little kinky?




The day had started with Sam insisting she wear the new lingerie they’d bought the day before. She’d indulged in too many mimosas at the Casino and had bought a ridiculous set of silk stockings with blue garters. Sam had joked it would be the, “Something blue” at her wedding. It was a joke between the two roommates that Sam was waiting for marriage before she had sex again. She admitted it had been awhile but it wasn’t like men were knocking her down to proposition her. Underneath the simple satin blouse and black skirt the lingerie whispered that she should be doing something else with her day.


She’d volunteered to work for the holiday, knowing that not many orders would be going out that day and knowing how much the lingerie had set her back. Silk and lace were expensive adornments apparently. As she made her way back into the shop Sam smiled widely and told her she had one last delivery for the day at an office about forty minutes away. It was normally out of their delivery range but the man had apparently tipped well and after the delivery she would be done for the day.


Sam promised that after she closed the shop she would meet her back at their apartment. Perhaps they’d grab some food from the bar down the street or maybe she’d meet someone with better dinner plans, Sam winked. As soon as she’d left the building Sam sent another email detailing exactly how the encounter should unfold. The woman would enter the building and give a wrong name, “Mr. Cock”. He should pretend that the name is a misspelling; maybe he is Mr. Cocker. She would be embarrassed at the mistake and very apologetic. Pretend to return a flower order, further tip whatever smooth talking it takes to get them alone, preferably in an office, he would need to make his move. She would be wearing sexy lingerie and he should “make the most of it”. Pleased with herself, Sam shut up the shop and walked down the street to her favorite restaurant. They late lunch crowd was still milling around and if she was lucky perhaps she’d find her own lustful stranger. Her roommate had confessed she’d always wanted to have sex with a stranger and now, Sam thought, I’ve provided her with the perfect opportunity to prove it.


The building had a parking lot that seemed mostly deserted, probably the holiday she thought. As she walked to the front doors she wondered who sent a card that said, “For services yet rendered.” It was a man’s name and she didn’t know who had sent the card. Probably a man, women never send flowers she thought. Or maybe he was that good in bed…you never knew.


Sam said that the office was on the third floor and that the recipient was in for a big surprise. The client had requested that they be personally delivered and not left with a receptionist. As she entered the third floor offices she didn’t know where to turn, there were only a few lights on in the corner offices. She walked to the only one that appeared to be occupied and knocked tentatively. The man looked up from his desk and seemed startled but happy to see her. He was of average height and build, brown hair and brown eyes and what appeared to be a smooth mouth that was opening into a welcoming smile. She stumbled through a quick introduction and asked if she could be directed to Mr. Cox.


He stared at her for what seemed like eternity, she was certain he could see the lingerie’s lace peeking out from behind her blouse. The stare was beginning to make her sweat. He absent-mindedly rubbed his right knee and asked, “Do you mean Mr. Cocker?” She looked at his brown eyes and thought that she could come up with something clever to say but she couldn’t think of anything. She bit her lip instead and shuffled forward setting the vase of roses down. “It could be,” she relented. “I’m just the delivery girl.”


“Well, very pretty delivery girl,” he stated rising, “I am Mr. Cocker.” He thrust out his hand in her direction and she could feel her blush rising in her cheeks and spreading to her chest. As his hand left hers his arm briefly brushed past her chest causing her nipples to harden into stiff peaks. He seemed not to notice as he picked up the card and looked at her. “Sit here please,” he asked motioning her to the seat he had just vacated. “I would like to place an order.” She wanted to say that she didn’t normally do that, that was Sam’s job but she didn’t. She sat as requested. He loosened his tie and turned to look back out his windows. “What are your favorite flowers?” he questioned. “I don’t see how that would matter,” she said. “I’ve never done this sort of thing before and I want to know a beautiful, stylish woman’s opinion on what she would like.”


She straightened a little and said, “I like lilies.” He turned and walked towards her, she was looking up at him and the way she felt was easy to read. He felt like he could devour her right there and he was enjoying the power. His cock was getting hard thinking of her pink lips lining the shaft. Her hair was long loose and begging to be grabbed. It would be a good afternoon after all, he thought as he slipped a hand behind her head and leaned in to kiss her.


As she rose to stand and escape his embrace, his left hand gripped her round ass and pinned her to his desk. Instinctively her legs wrapped around his waist, steadying her body as she sat as her exposed bottom slipped onto the cool metal. She groaned slightly as his hand slipped between the silk of her blouse and palmed her breast. She fingered his hair as he leaned in softly and softly bit her neck, “You can always call me Mr. Cox.” She didn’t have an answer to his proposal as he knelt before her pushing the skirt farther up. His tongue teased at the thin fabric covering her sex. She was already wet and momentum was building as his probing fingers were already working in and out of her. “Oh god,” she moaned as she leaned back onto the desk. He whispered in between her parted legs for her to remove her blouse unless she wanted it to be tore off. She busied her fingers with the buttons as he plunged in and out of her with her thighs resting on his shoulders.

“How do you like it?” he asked. His momentum was slow and steady, long and lazy strokes.

“God, don’t stop!” she begged.

Abruptly he told her, “Take your skirt off for me, those panties are soaked and then get back on the desk.” He dropped her legs from his shoulders and began rising.


She wiggled out of the skirt and removed the wet strip of fabric. She looked nervously out into the office for the first time. What if someone came in? She was about to let her thoughts control her lust when the slap across her ass brought her back to reality. “Ouch,” she cried out. He rubbed the redness before he slapped the left cheek again. “Two more pretty lady?” he asked as the slaps rang out in the empty office. “What would you do for me?” he continued onto the right side. “Whatever you want!” she cried out as he slapped her most tender area.

“Anything?” he said as he pushed a thumb into her ass licking the juices that were dripping from her.


“He wants to fuck me in the ass”, she thought. “I don’t even know how big he is. Fuck, he’s making it feel good though.” She heard him unzip and drop his pants as his thumb began its long and lazy assault on her senses. “I want you in my mouth first,” she heard herself say. “Fuck yeah, “ he replied as he turned her over and positioned himself over her while his mouth plundered her lower lips again. He was smooth all over, he must have shaved recently she thought as her tongue flittered over his skin. She began by licking his shaft and kissing and sucking at the base. She was moaning as she slipped his smooth head into her mouth, rolling her tongue across the slit until she felt his sticky precum spilling onto her tongue. She screamed out her first orgasm with his sweaty organ stuffing her mouth.


“I want in your ass,” he said as he pushed her legs wider apart lifting her hole closer to him, tonguing the opening and spreading her fluid down her crack. His cock rolled out of her mouth as she breathlessly accented to his request. Her hips fell off the edge of the desk as she turned around again. His hands worked their way up her stockings and lightly smacked her ass again, “This is very nice delivery girl and here is a tip.” He pushed into her swollen cunt as he grabbed a handful of her hair and began pumping quickly in and out of her. In time he slowed his pace and dipped his fingers inside before pushing into her backside, his rigid member holding her to him.


He took his thick cock out and rubbed the length along her wet pussy before he began inching into that taboo spot he liked. He grabbed her hips and began pushing farther into her as she flattened against his desk, the paperwork already scattered to the floor. Pinned against the metal desk and his athletic body she orgasmed again before he finished thrusting and slowed against her.


They both began putting on their clothes in silence a little shocked at how the afternoon had gone, but both satisfied with their decisions.

“Lilies,” he laughed. “I’ll have to remember that.”




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