Billy’s World

Meetings are always suspect.

Monsieur was coming. He had finally decided that her needs would be gratified in person and not just satiated through the telephone. Perhaps, she indulged in the thought, He really wanted the release as well. She didn’t know when he would arrive and the knock at the door sent a jolt through her. He is here! She smoothed the lines of her skirt and braced for the scrutiny of his penetrating stare. “It’s now or never Butterfly,” she exhaled. Nothing prepared her for the man in front of her. He was wearing brown shorts and a brown button up shirt with a brown cap; in short he was the ups man. The man asked, “Sign here please,” as he held out his electronic tracker. He gave her a small package and told her to have a nice day. She went back inside her apartment and sat down with the box in her lap. “What a disappointment,” she thought until she looked at the return address. Monsieur had sent her a present.


Inside the box there was another smaller black box and a note: Wear these. I expect you to be ready when I arrive for the evening. Every detail has been planned. You will know when I arrive before I knock. Wait for me in the chair. Do not disappoint me. This is not a game you wish to lose. I do not play fair. M


She opened the smaller box to find two items. One of the items came with instructions, the other needed no introduction: a pearl thong with satin ties. The other rubber item was a “Vibrator Egg: that provides a splash proof design and seven stimulation modes!” The wireless remote had been removed she noticed. She knew that M would be holding that remote at some point during the night. The thought of him pushing those buttons during their evening together made her wet. Palming the barely there thong she thought aloud, “I’ll have to change now, these will show if I wear this.”


The rub of the pearls against her freshly shaved exterior was proving to be a very overwhelming distraction. More than once she had paused at her exterior as her desires dared her to relinquish her lust and do what she knew she shouldn’t do. With her palm hovering over her lap she once again shifted her thighs apart and then together, she couldn’t discover what position worked best to quell her growing hunger. The feel of the egg inside her did little to end her darkening thoughts. The fullness she felt at the moment had already made stiff peaks of her nipples and she was sure if she looked at her pussy it would be swollen red.


She uncomfortably shifted in the chair once more and watched the clock. The package had arrived over two hours before and the light was falling over the city. For the first time she thought that perhaps the box was another punishment. Perhaps Monsieur was waiting for her to call and say how his gifts were pushing her over the limit. He would tell her then that she was misbehaving and he would say that he couldn’t see her then. His rules were his rules, and a good girl could wait for her Monsieur regardless of the temptations offered to her. He would let her have her orgasm, if she called, he wasn’t cruel…but she wouldn’t have him again. Not his stiffness. Not his smell. Not his eyes on every bit of her. No, she wanted more. She could wait it out. She could wait all night if she had to. She bit her bottom lip and twisted her frame once more in the chair, she felt so tight and on edge the anticipation was driving her insane.


“Fuck”, she whimpered. The egg inside her had sent a pulse straight through her. She wasn’t sure if she could stand to answer the door. The knock that followed the release of the “stimulation” inside of her was tentative. Halfway to the threshold she thought she could have imagined the pulse inside her from a moment before. She was definitely wet now and this could be another deliveryman waiting for her behind the door.


Yet there he was when she opened the door. Monsieur was living and breathing and holding his hand out asking something. She looked up at his steel-eyed stare and nodded. “Yes, I am ready,” she assured him though she felt an unhealthy urge to take liberties with him at that moment. Her feverish horny mind was imagining pulling him inside and stripping him quickly. Taking one hand and moving it to her left breast while she sucked at the index finger of his other hand. She could see herself literally kneeling before him and begging him to take her however he wanted. She bit her lip and she cleared a little in her mind to register he was asking her a question. She could tell he was repeating his former appeal when he said, “What are you thinking baby?” She thought over the power he held with the remote, she felt the friction of the pearls against her slit and she breathed out nervously, “I’m thinking about how wonderful this evening is going to be.”


His eyebrow arched and he leaned in to grab her ponytail and released her long chestnut hair. “Yes,” he said pleased with himself. “It will be a wonderful evening.” Her eyes had partially closed when he had grabbed her hair from behind, it was a gesture she was sure he would’ve noticed yet he made no sign that he was going to kiss her or fondle her in the elevator. He made small talk as they drove to the Italian restaurant he had selected. He ordered a tasteful dinner for them both. The wine was excellent, the meal was delicious and when she had finished both she felt a little disappointed that the evening was progressing without any hint of the sexual tension she felt inside herself. M was behaving like a perfect gentleman. He was nice, intelligent and he was playfully sarcastic. On any other evening she would’ve been ecstatic to meet this attractive man and have dinner with him, yet her passion was begging to be fucked and fucked wildly and a lot harder than usual.


As the waiter refilled her glass of wine she felt the jolt between her legs again and had to grip the white linen of the table to hold back her release. M placed his hand over his own wine glass and without a word the waiter left. “I could see you were losing faith in my abilities,” he purred pulling the remote out of his suits pocket. “Tsk, tsk…I am glad you have behaved well so far but I don’t want you even thinking I am not what you need. I do not tolerate disobedience well.” He finished his wine and looked at her admiringly. “Finish your wine and we will leave. I can tell you are impatient to continue your training for the evening.” She put the wine glass to her lips and drank half. He motioned for the bill and leaned across the small table, “You have to understand that if I wanted you to pull up your skirt and show me your pussy right now. You would do it with no hesitation because you are mine. Mine whenever I want and however I ask.”

She put the glass to her lips and drank it to its last drop. Licking her lips she asked, “May I be excused?”

Without looking up as he signed his name to the bill, “No. You may not.”

“But I have to pee,” she retorted.

“I know,” he smiled. “But you also have things that belong to me and right now those things are telling you, you must get them off and out.”

“I wouldn’t dare,” she whispered.

“Oh, baby. Yes you would. Don’t worry it will make the orgasm better this way.” He held out his hand and she took it.


Her cheeks were flushed and she was surprised to find the night had grown colder than she’d expected. Her nipples were hard and throbbing. With each step her pussy was being rubbed and building wetness. By the time they made it to the car she was already envisioning taking him at home. The hand she held spun her quickly and pinned her next to the car as his other hand roamed up her thighs before stopping at her wetness. It was a parking lot frisk and it felt delicious as she moaned her satisfaction. He whispered in her ear, “You want me to take you here, but I’m not ready yet. Not nearly ready.” The beep sounded for the car alarm and he set her inside before making his way to the drivers seat.


She watched him slide into the leather upholstery and licked her lips. He started the engine and was pulling out onto the street before he spoke next. “Unbutton your blouse and remove your bra.” She did as he requested. His voice dropped lower as he commanded, “Now take my dick out nice and slow.” She leaned across his lap and released his stiffening member from his pants. As he slowed for a red light his hands groped at her breast. His touch was light around their fullness and two fingers pinched the peaks until she cried out. The light turned green and he accelerated slowly, “Tell me what you want to do baby?” She was looking straight into his eyes as she said, “I want to suck your thick cock.” As she’d been instructed she added, “Please Monsieur.” “Mmm. That’s a good girl. Put my cock in your pretty little mouth.” She didn’t ask for any more directions and began sucking the tip while she grabbed the base and twisted. She salivated up the sides of his girth until he was well lubricated and then went back to the head. She nibbled at first and tasted his first precum. Her mouth was wide around his tip when he pushed her head down further, “All of it baby. You need to take all of it.” As her head bobbed up and down he pushed the button on the vibrator and his dicked pop out of her mouth as her wetness stained her skirt.


They had arrived at her apartment building already and she didn’t know what to do next. He calmly put her bra in her purse and placed his rigid member back in his pants. “Button your shirt baby,” he requested. “We have arrived.” As she put the buttons in their holes she was aware she was started to tremble a little. She didn’t know what was in store for her but it was going to be something she had never experienced before.


In the elevator he pulled her close to him and tugged at the satin strings tying the thong at her sides. The pearls fell covered in her juices to the elevator floor. He calmly picked up the item and remarked, “It looks like you’ve dropped this baby.” His hand slipped under her skirt and fondled her bare ass as one finger dipped inside her and tugged out the egg. She almost buckled at her knees from the combining sensation of firmness and release. He held her next to him as the elevator door opened at her floor. She frantically fished through her purse for the key as he slowly rode up the skirt she was wearing, as the fabric reached her middle she heard him unzip. “Have you ever been fucked at your front door?” As he began kissing the back of her neck she found the key and pushed it in the knob as his swollen member stroked her taint in a lazy in and out motion.


As the door swung open she fell a little. Monsieur took that moment to grab her wrists again, forcing her torso down and her ass to be presented up. “My little tease,” he whispered. He shut the door behind them and placed his hand back on her ass. As his hand found the flesh he struck twice, warming the area in wide circles before he struck out again. “Here we are at last.”


He sat at the edge of the bed and had her strip before him leaving only her strappy gold high heels on. He brought out a black satin mask from his pocket. “You have been waiting a long time for this.” He slipped the mask over her head, “It will be everything you’ve thought about and a little more.” And then the world she knew was black. Over her wrists he wrapped a silk scarf that left her hands immobile and at her front. Each of her legs got tied to the corner of the bed. He slowly pushed her over the edge of the bed and disrobed himself. She could hear him move in behind her. A couple smacks on her ass with his engorged penis was all the warning she had before he slid into her tight pussy.


He didn’t move at first, he felt the waves of her opening tighten and close around him before her gathered up her hair in his fist and brought his mouth to hers. “Are you ready to cum for me?” he asked before slipping his finger into her mouth. She sucked at him greedily before he withdrew. “Yes.” His hand snaked lazily over her breasts and stomach before he slapped her swollen cunt. “Yes what?” She would’ve buckled over from the pressure had he not held her by her hair. “Yes Monsieur.” She choked out, “I want to cum for you.” His hand began rubbing her wet slit, “And?” She screamed, “Only you. I want to come only for you Monsieur. Please let me cum.” He pumped into her with a few thrusts exclaiming, “You’re so fucking tight baby. I knew you would be.” Each time she threatened to fall forward he pulled her back by her hair onto his swollen member.


“Ohh,” she moaned. She was losing control and her orgasm was pushing at her to be released. “Please,” she begged. “Please let me cum Monsieur.” His thrusts slowed as he put a hand to her wet sex. As he touched her there she bucked backward into him. He laughed and answered her. “Yes kitten you’re ready.” His hand made quick work of her center as she gripped onto him from inside her box. When she released it drenched his legs and her sheets. “Oh fuck!,” she screamed as his cock began pumping into her riding each wave of her orgasm. When she thought she was done another wave burst through her and she realized she couldn’t control the orgasms now, her legs were bound apart and he could continue to thrust into her for however long he wanted and he did. For a while all her moans were punctuated with, “Oh God”, but after one more wave of pleasure she could only moan.


He took himself out and she thought he was done until he asked, “Are you ready to taste yourself now?” He rolled her gently on her side as far as she was permitted as he placed his cock at her lips. He pushed the hair from her face as she placed him in her mouth tasting her own juices mixed with his saltiness. He unbound her wrists to tie them behind her back. “Are you enjoying yourself?” he asked while he fondled her breasts. She popped him out of her mouth to bring little kisses down his rigid shaft, “Yes Monsieur.” He pulled away from her and rolled her back on her front before he knelt at her throbbing pussy. He stuck two fingers in her and began pulling the juices out, wiping them all the way up her crack. After lubricating his thumb he pushed into her anus and paused while he sucked and licked her wide open sex.


“One more hole and then you’re all mine baby.” He rubbed his penis along her opening and smacked her ass for good measure before he pushed his purple tip into her ass. He grabbed her bound wrists and waited before pushing himself in halfway. At the halfway point he began slapping her pussy until she was backed up to him at his hilt. He dropped her wrists and began fondling her breasts, pinching the nipples until she cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. He slowly circled her clit and whispered, “Ride me baby.” She drove her hips into his to match each circle he made until he pushed her forward and claimed her in wild thrusts that filled her entrails with his white hot sperm.


He untied her wrists first while he lay heavy against her back. She lay at first spread eagle with her legs still bound before he slipped out of her and undid the ties. She wasn’t sure what she was capable of doing and slowly knelt at the bed and removed her shoes. They showered together before laying out on her bed. Sleep came to him first and she realized he must have had a long day to get to her. As she waited for sleep she heard him say one word as he stretched toward her. “Nicole.”


It dawned on her then that she thought they had been playing for keeps but really he was playing for the night. It rushed back to her all the missed calls, the messages that weren’t returned, and the continued excuses for their time apart. “One night and he’ll be gone in the morning,” she promised herself. It had been fun and an escape from her routine life but it wasn’t meant to last. She didn’t regret it, it would color her life differently…”Yes, Monsieur it won’t be the same without you. It hasn’t been the same since you came into my life.” And with that thought she fell asleep.Feel free to use this image just link to

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