Billy’s World


For a Good Time Call

She glanced at the phone’s screen and smiled—her favorite distraction: Monsieur. “Hello?” she asked tentative. He could’ve pocket dialed her, she imagined, he had done it before. His rich voice came through, “Hi Baby. What are you doing?” Emboldened by his cheerful sound she stated, “Thinking about your cock in between my lips.” “Oh? …I Bet you have been a bad girl lately.” His tone was serious. She had been a little bad lately, how did he always know? She lied. “I don’t know.” Her pulse was quickening. “Oh, Baby we both know when you’ve been bad and when you haven’t been.” Anna could hear he was smiling when he added, “Did you orgasm without my permission?” She gasped, “Yes.” She knew what came next.

“And how many times did you do this?”


“Are you sure?” he probed.

“Yes, monsieur.”


“Alright.” He seemed content with her answer. His voice laced with impatience and promise, “Down on your knees and put the phone on speaker.” She knelt down on the hardwood floor of her apartment’s living room. She turned the volume up and tapped the screen until she got what she wanted. “Now where would my cock be if I was there?”

“In your jeans,” she replied.

His tone was instructional, “And why is it there and not between your lips, as you put it?”

“Because I didn’t ask permission.”

“That’s right Baby.” He emphasized, “You didn’t ask permission. You didn’t say please, and you’re touching yourself when you know you shouldn’t.” He paused to drink something. “Isn’t that right?”

“Yes monsieur.”

“Good,” he said with finality but Anna knew there would be more. “Now tell me what kind of underwear you’re wearing.” She paused unable to remember if she’d forgotten something else. He sometimes threw her off with these shot in the dark questions. She couldn’t remember if he said anything about underwear yet. They had been speaking on the phone for three months and each session, as she liked to describe them, was more intense than the next. “A dark blue thong,” she relented.

“Hmmmm.” He took his time considering this and Anna could almost feel him pacing behind her. “Take your pants off all the way. And remember I’ll know if you’re lying.” She did as she was told.


“Now where are you?” he continued.

“I’m in my living room.”

He considered this, “Yes. That will do. Go to the kitchen and get a pair of scissors. Then get back on your knees, its time for a lesson.”

She did as he requested and found her place on the hardwood again as she heard him ask, “Are you there? Back where we started?”

“Yes monsieur.”

“Now take the scissors and cut the thong off. I want it to be long like a rope.” She heard him stop pacing and wait a moment. “Now bind your wrists behind your back.” His voice got louder, “And don’t tell me you can’t do it. You will do it.”

Of course she would. “Yes monsieur,” she answered.

“If I was there I would’ve ripped those panties from you and tied you myself. Remember that baby,” he teased. “Now spread your legs and rub your clit on the floor…slowly.” His smile was back as he lamented, “That could be my open palm on your pussy right now my bad girl.”

Anna moaned slightly. “I want your hands on me. Can I please put your cock in my mouth?”

His voice was final, “No.”

“Mmmm,” she moaned again. He was so good at pushing her limits.


“Now I’m going to make you feel better. Get up and go to the chair. You know the one in the corner that I like.” It was high backed with an orange velvet seat, the arms ending in an ornate carving. Fit for her King she thought. “How did you carry the phone to the chair?” he questioned.

“I sat back and picked it up from behind me. I’m doing exactly as you tell me, Monsieur. It’s on the seat of the chair right now where your lap goes.” His laugh made her shiver as though his breath had swept across her body. She could tell that he was planning something. “Now straddle the arm, facing me, and slowly rub back and forth,” he commanded. “That’s going to be my knee the day you stop being a bad girl…tell me baby are you wet?”

“Oh yes monsieur.” The syllables were coming out ragged and she was starting to lose control.

“Hmm, wet enough for my fingers to slide into you?”

“Oh God yes,” she whispered.

“You’d like that? Yeah, open your mouth for me. I think you should taste yourself.” He paused for a moment before continuing. “Now tell me baby, how do you taste?”

Hesitant Anna replied, “I don’t know Monsieur.”

Obviously pleased he replied, “Yes, you do. You taste sweet. And I’m going to suck your clit like a hard candy.”

“Oh yeah?” she smiled a little giggly.

He sighed, “Yes, but not today.” She heard him sip something again, “Now where is my cock as I’m fingering your wet pussy that’s riding my knee?”

She replied quickly, “It’s in your jeans.”

“And why is my cock there and not in your mouth?”

“I don’t have permission to touch you…yet,” she answered.

“Now that’s a very good girl.” He seemed to consider things for a moment, “You can touch now, but tell me exactly how you do it.”


A challenge? “Hmmm,” she answered. “Monsieur, May I get off your knee?”

“Yes, you may.”

“May I stand, Monsieur?”

“No, you may not,” he laughed.

“May I straddle your lap, Monsieur?”

“Yes baby I would like that.”

“Then I would straddle your lap and put my tiptoes on the floor. I could unbutton your pants if I leaned forward into your chest,” she replied triumphantly.

“Yes, you can continue,” he acquiesced. “As I free your breasts from that lace demi bra you fancy.”

“How did you know…” she started to say.

“Continue,” he interrupted. “Or I stop.”

Quickly she added, “As the last button pops open I feel for your thick cock that’s getting hard from my ass straining against it. You’re back from the gym and, as usual, not wearing underwear.”

“Yes,” he grins. “You may continue.”

“Please monsieur,” she begs. “Let me slowly lick your shaft. I’ll leave little kisses from top to bottom, but you have to let me get on my knees in front of you first.”


“I’ll slap your pussy once, no twice with my cock who really wants to fill you, you know he does don’t you? You understand that it’s mine now, baby?” He wasn’t waiting for a response. “Get on your knees.” His tone became a light reprimand, “Keep your eyes open and on me remember.” She imagined that he had his penis out now and was going to really give her what she wanted.

“Yes Monsieur,” she replied as she got off the chair. “Eyes forward and never shut” that was his first command she remembered.

“Now what does my cock taste like?”

“Mmm; hot, smooth and salty.”

“You still want my cock in between your lips?”

“Yes Monsieur.”

He laughs. “Not yet. You’re going to cum for me. Turn around and show me that pretty ass.” He commanded, “Get back on my knee!” He paused, “Lean back and tell me what you want.”

She pouted, “I want your dick inside of me.”

“I know baby but only good girls get to ride my thick cock and you’ve been a bad girl lately. So now you get to ride my knee and cum for me because I want you to. You understand me, oui?”

“Yes,” she replied softer.


She begged him twice before he allowed her to release her orgasm. As she breathlessly whispered, “Merci”, he added his next demand. “Send me that thong.” His voice left no room for argument. “I want it in two days, and you don’t want to disappoint me.” No, Monsieur no more room disapointments. “As for attire today,” he continued. “No more panties. If you feel like you’re going to break our trust what are you to do?”

She recited, “I call you. I will leave a message detailing exactly what I want to do. If you don’t answer I don’t have permission.” “That’s right baby, all your orgasms belong to me now.” And then he hung up.

Grabbing her keys off the counter and shoving her panties into her purse with them, she knew she’d have to hurry to get to the post office by the deadline.


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