Business Proposition

The Stripper

The club is sticking to my shoes again. Everywhere is tinged in smoke stains and spilled drinks. It’s a Tuesday afternoon, one of the slowest days of the week. I got this shift because Darla is pissed at me again. She thinks that Frank is getting sweet on me. I’ll be lucky to clear fifty bucks before midnight. The poker machines are filled. The floor is empty and Cinnamon is dancing to death metal with her tiny tits not gaining enough momentum to bounce. Twirling around the pole she is looking bored and the only eyes that are on her are Tom’s, the dj’s. It’s common knowledge at the club that they hook up outside in his car where she will suck his dick with a little bit of coked dusted on top. Cinnamon’s real name is Mary and she’s originally from South Florida, she has a penchant for white powder and sex. It is one of the things I like most about her, she’s easy to please.

I walk past her stage and smile with a nod. She returns the smile and jumps up to the top of the pole before spinning hershe f inverted back down the pole. Her songs are almost up and I don’t know who will be up next, there is no one near the stage waiting. I continue into the back of the club where I can hear Darla and Frank fucking loudly in his office. Frank likes it rough and the slapping of their mingled flesh is punctuated by the sound of his paddle striking her. “Get back on your knees, you fucking bitch!”

I enter the dressing room to see Natalie with a new girl. She’s applying heavy makeup and covering what appears to be track marks on her arms. “Great,” I think, “Another druggie.” Natalie turns to me and introduces the girl as “Candy”. “Hi Candy,” I say a little too cheery. “You ever dance before?” She nods her head slowly likes she’s going to pass out. “Are you up next?” I prod Natalie. When she doesn’t respond I add, “Cinnamon should be down about now, and I’m not dressed.” “Candy’s up,… but she’s not ready,” she blurts out knowing how I feel about that shit. “I’ll get her cleaned up, don’t worry. Frank sounds like he’s pissed but a little too busy to notice the difference.” Natalie smiles and applies a little more gloss to her dark lips, “Apparently Darling Darla fucked up an order today.” She laughed a little sultry laugh and headed for the door adding, “He said he was taking the difference out on her ass and to not bother him.” I follow her out to grab a coffee for Candy, it might help at any rate it won’t hurt. I can hear Frank, “Take it out of your dirty fucking mouth, you little slut you can’t do anything fucking right.”

Candy warms up with the coffee and I finish the blending of makeup on her arms and under eyes. She looks like she could use about six years of sleep. If only the customers waiting for her could come up with a glass coffin and persuade her she’d find a prince if she waited for him to come into the forest and kiss her. 


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