The Surprise

I hurried home from the airport knowing that Tawny would be late coming home from her office, I had specifically told her assistant to keep her for another thirty minutes. I calmly told Michelle the paralegal that Tawny had employed four weeks prior that I had a surprise that needed a little time in setting up and, “Would she be a doll and keep her around a half an hour with something so that I could finish the set up?” Michelle had sighed heavily over the phone, she liked being called “doll” or “sweetie”, she was the kind of doe eyed blonde that assumed I was spreading rose petals over the bedroom like a knight errant. Michelle could be a fun addition someday, but Tawny liked to keep sex and work separate, though I’m sure she wouldn’t mind a little foreplay at a Christmas party or corporate event, these were always events where Tawny could be tempted to be lead astray with the right prompts.

I opened the door to our moderate apartment and took in the silence. I wanted everything to be just right as I unpacked the items I had gotten at the airports gift shop: Two goofy printed ties, a bottle of red wine, a cock ring, a cedar scented candle, an airplane eye mask and my personal favorite: a new leather belt. Tawny’s ass would be mine tonight and her annoyance at Michelle’s incompetence instigated by myself would make her more susceptible to submit. She was her most supple self when she was irritated by someone else, it was turning her into a very willing submissive.

I left the wine on the kitchen counter and entered our bedroom. I kicked off my shoes and laid out the remaining items on the bed. Lighting the candle I placed it on the dresser next to the belt, it was going to be the little surprise that sent her over the edge. I was beginning to feel the want for her growing in my pants, stretching the cut of my business suit, pulling at the thin cotton of my briefs and I began to regret the insistence on keeping her late. I wanted Tawny badly, and I took out my cock slowly to slide the precum that had gathered at the tip slowly down the sides of the erect shaft. Mmm, she was going to make me feel so good tonight. Fuck, I was horny. I sat at the edge of the bed absently rubbing the tip with my thumb until I heard Tawny open the front door. I slid my member back into my pants and tucked him beneath the briefs, his time was about to come.

I heard her begin to complain about Michelle keeping her late to go over a business meeting that wasn’t going to happen until the prior week. She asked off hand about my trip to Seattle and I replied that, “Business was business”. She must have picked up the bottle of wine because I heard her uncork it and then, “Would you like a glass?” I was stroking my knee waiting for her to come to me as I answered, “Yes, and then come into the bedroom I have a surprise for you.” I heard the drop of her shoes on the tile of the kitchen and the bulge in my pants began to thicken.

Tawny entered the room and saw the items laid out at the edge of the white comforter, she swallowed a decent amount of wine as she imagined the things I might have planned for us. As she handed me the glass of wine I rose with the tent beginning to show in my trousers and began my instructions. In the bedroom we had both discovered she shouldn’t ask questions, I could do what I liked and she liked the surprises. “Take off the suit, the bra and the panties. Leave the stockings.” I turned to the dresser and felt the rough texture of the belt over the palm of my hand. As she disrobed I continued, “Get on the bed on all fours.”

Her small but perky breasts dangled in front of her as she did as I requested. Her young smooth ass was peach colored and outlined perfectly by the white garter and stockings. Her large pink nipples were crowned by nipple piercings and they gleamed out with wicked promise as she climbed onto the comforter waiting for my next instruction. As her thighs spread revealing her tender pink flesh I hungered to plunder the taste of her folds.

I walked slowly forward and placed her wine glass to her lips and watched as she drank hungrily the intoxicating liquid. Her mouth looked plump and juicy tinged in the stain of the wine. “Take my pants off,” I demanded as she licked the last of the dripping wine from her lips. She deftly un-buttoned and then slid the fabric over my erection. I stepped out of the fabric and watched as she bit her lip a few inches from my engorged cock. “Now take off my boxers.” The elastic band slid tightly over my ass as she shoved the cotton to my knees, brushing her breast with my engorged member. She moved to take my dick in her hands when I shouted, “Hands on the comforter and eyes forward!” I quickly removed the briefs and lingered at the restraints I had chosen that afternoon. My thick cock bobbed free stiff and erect, it was glistening with shiny precum. Fuck, I wanted to take her badly right then and there. But, no I was going to wait. I was going to make her beg today. First thing was the ties. I unbuttoned my shirt and tossed it aside.

I walked to the front posts of the bed and watched as your eyes hooded over in lust or apprehension, it was hard to know with the way she took instruction so well. I could tell she was horny, her breathing was slowing and her nipples were hardening without my touch. I took the right hand first and tied the wrist to the wooden restraint. I circled the edge of the bed and did the same maneuver to the left. Her head and shoulders lay on the tuft of the bed from the stretching, this left her knees and her ass presented in the air. Tawny was now ready for me to take her however and, most importantly, where ever I wished.

My throbbing cock needed to feel her warm wet mouth. I wanted the experience to go the distance today and I went to her feet and retrieved the cock ring. I pulled the cumbersome device over my veiny flesh and went back to her waiting wine stained red lips. Nestled at the base the device made my cock bulge even tighter as I kneeled next to her face. She opened her mouth wide as I directed her head onto mine. She was already whimpering and moaning as I tucked my fingers underneath her to pinch her nipples further into erection. Her tongue lashed at the sensitive underside, licking the slit and tasting the beginning precum as she strained to get a better angle in her restraints. I took a handful of her hair and began moving her lustrous mouth up and down my taut shaft. She purred deeply like a kitten with fresh milk as she wettened my flesh with saliva and the shiny precum. I pushed her farther and farther into me as she widened her mouth and used her tongue to tickle the tip. As I pulled away my cock popped out and she playfully run her tongue along it like a lollipop.

I didn’t want to lose her touch as I grabbed behind her ankles for the mask. Her body was stiffening in excitement and light kisses continued on my cock as I stretched to grab what I wanted. The tautness of her fleshy folds betraying her need. I placed the mask over her eyes and got up from my position to get the belt and blow out the candle. I heard her breath grow slower as I ran a finger down her torso stopping at her pussy. Her intake of breath was audible as I shoved two fingers inside. “You’re a dirty little slut tonight,” I taunted as her wetness began to drip down my fingers.

I smeared her juices up her crack and continued the action of my fingers as she got wetter and wetter. I lingered around her puckered ass with the lube before pushing my thumb inside and licking the sweetness to her gasps. She didn’t know she was going to scream how much she wanted it but I did. I smiled a wicked smile that she had no way of seeing. I withdrew all my fingers and grasped my cock instead. I shuffled a little to get the right angle before shoving myself inside her waiting pussy. “Oh God!,” she cried out as I groaned deeply.

I began to pump in and out, first in short burst then in longer marathon thrusts. As I gained momentum it was all a rhythmic push of flesh, slapping flesh. I spread her ass cheeks far apart as I thrust my throbbing cock into her waiting flesh. Her pink asshole was waiting for me as I withdrew from her wet hole. I took the candle from the floor and tested the heat against my finger, it was just perfect for this. I knelt behind her with the tip of my member just outside her as I poured a small amount onto her back. “Oh fuck”, she screamed out as my bobbing member slid back into her and the wax rolled down her flesh. I let her tighten around me as I rubbed the wax out across her skin. I held her at her garter belt with my dick as deep inside her as I dropped more wax onto her nubile flesh and felt her buck against me in a mixture of pain from the wax and the pleasure of my cock filling her tight pussy.

I leaned back and let my cock plop from her as I grabbed the belt from the floor. Time for the real fun! I rubbed both her cheeks together and pushed them far apart as I massaged the sensitive surface. I rolled the belt around my right hand as I thrust a wettened finger into her waiting ass. “Tell me you want it!” I demanded as I raised the belt to strike. She gasped as she struggled to comprehend what I wanted, “What?…I don’t know…, want what?” I swung and the lash tasted flesh. She flinched and cried out as I slipped a second finger into her clenched hole. “That’s the wrong answer!” I rallied for a second strike, “Tell me what you want you dirty slut!” As I strike out twice more on both cheeks I begin fingering her ass more deftly. She cries out, “Fuck yes baby!…please fuck my ass.” I shove another finger into her ass.“I want it so badly,” she screams. “Take me, take my ass!” I smile and reach down with the belt in hand to rub both against her aching pussy, she’s shuddering as I withdraw my fingers and discard the cock ring.

As I press my swollen plum sized cockhead against her flesh I demand, “Tell me how you want it?” She flattens against the comforter and moans, “I want you to cum in my ass.” I push inside an inch or so before I slap the red area of her ass again until she pushes back against me and releases her tension. It feels so different than her eager and receiving pussy and I love it. She was born for this type of fucking I tell myself. The belt lashes continue as I lazily drag my cock in and out of this new hole that stretches to fit me. She finally cries out, “Fuck me harder. Oh, yes…please fuck… Take my ass and make me cum!” I wrap the belt beneath her stomach and use the leverage to grind deep inside her ass. The deep, hard thrusts jam my cock further and further into her ass until I can’t withhold my white hot buildup. Grunting and grasping I release my huge cum into her sexy, sweet, tight ass.

After the spasms of my release subside I slide out from her and look her over gorgeous body presented before me once again. I kneel on the floor and place my mouth to her delicious folds. I continue licking and probing with my tongue until she is crying out and squirting all over my face. Mmm, I lick her juices from my lips and know she’ll beg for this again, but I should leave her like this for a moment. I slap her ass and head into the kitchen to make a snack. I think an anal plug will be my next toy for her, she’d look so good with one right now. Spread out and waiting, I think I’ll turn her over and continue the fun, that belt could make a descent collar if I cut in a hole. These are my thoughts as I start to make a sandwich. Two slices of bread, mmm Tawny and Michelle maybe for Christmas.


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