“The trains are never on time in the winter,” thought Evelyn. “And why should they be?” she cursed bitterly. Pulling her long coat closer she looked down the track one more time to try and gauge the distance from her and the relative comfort of the commuter train. “A helluva long way off”, she remarked to no one at five thirty in the morning that Tuesday. It was early and the fog had barely lifted from the parking lot where Becky had dropped her twenty minutes earlier, anyone but the most die hard suburb company man was still in bed. She had three stops on the train before switching to the bus that would take her to the airport. It was going to be a helluva long day with nothing to look forward at the end of it other than sunny skies and that never seemed like enough anymore.

One week past Thanksgiving and Eve, as only her old friends and her father call her now at the resistance of her step mothers influence. regrets her agreement to fly back home to L.A.X. to pose for the mandatory “seasonal greetings” photo with her family. The glossy photo insert had been a staple insistence of her step mothers since her arrival four years prior. Evelyn would look the obvious outcast with her ivory complexion and long dark hair compared to her half siblings blonde hair and beach tanned bodies. Its not that Evelyn didn’t like them, they made every effort to make her feel included when she was there but something about living in that big white house with its Southern Gothic white pillars that would always feel unreal to her.

She thought longingly of the summers before Nicolette. The long weekends spent in Northern California hiding in her tent after her father and his friends had told stories of the elusive bigfoot around the campfire. Something about the image of Paul Bunyon and his big ox made Evelyn laugh out loud. She turned just as he had finished climbing the platform.

Rugged, was the one word that Evelyn thought when she saw him. He was easily six foot tall with a sandy blonde beard and dark brown eyes. She smiled at him unconsciously and he returned opening his mouth even wider into a perfect smile. “I was sure I had missed the train this morning until I heard you laughing.” He surveyed her figure noticeably and added, “On two points I’m sure glad I was wrong.” Evelyn was shocked at his easiness with her and kept silent afraid she’d say the wrong thing. He continued as if he hadn’t noticed her change in mood putting out his hand, “I’m Paul.” Evelyn muttered under her breath, “Of course you are.” She kept her composure enough to put out her own hand and add, “I’m Evelyn, most people just call me Eve.” As their hands touched Eve felt a little jolt under her skin that made her sex moist. The train arrived and saved Evelyn from the embarrassment of her rapidly blushing face. She was hoping he thought it was from the cold and quickly looked down avoiding any further examination of Paul.

Paul was seated in an inconspicuous distance behind Eve where he could watch her movements. She appeared to be going on a trip. She had placed the duffel bag on the seat next to her, essentially barring anyone from making idle chit chat with her on her journey he thought. Paul liked the look of her. She had kissable full lips and long dark lashes. When she took off her long jacket to sit down Paul noticed appreciably she was well endowed in the posterior. Paul had always been an ass and legs kind of man. Paul thought he’d have a little fun that morning and see what this “Eve” could be up to, he had a business trip to go on and pleasure could be worked in. First he would have to lay a trap to get her closer to him and if he guessed right he was certain Eve would be the helpful type.

When the attendant came by to check his ticket he made sure he was loud enough for her to hear him ask how many stops until the transfer to the airport. From the amount of fuss that he put on with needing to be helped he was certain she would volunteer. And she did. After the man had left to continue through the cars he saw her turn around and declare, “I’m going to the airport as well. I can show you the way.” Bingo! He smiled, “That would be very nice of you. I’m afraid I’m not that great with directions in the city. I’m a country bumpkin really.” She continued to smile and he knew she was hooked. He rose and made his way back up to her, she obligingly took her duffel bag from the seat and he sat next to her.

He made idle chit chat about how cold the northeast was and added he was headed to California where it was warm and less crowded, well when you weren’t driving on the interstate. She seemed enthralled by his explanation of how the distances between buildings seemed to huddle over you in the city and how he missed the giant trees. Eve motioned that their stop was next and started chatting about her own return trip back to California. They soon found that they were going to be on the same flight that morning. Paul inwardly wondered if he could be joining the mile high club on a United flight. By the time they’d navigated from the train terminal to the bus lines they were fast friends.

“I’m going to grab a coffee and a croissant before the flight, I hate airplane snacks,” Paul explained. “Care to join me?” Eve followed him into the airports coffee shop and sat while he ordered. He arrived with two coffees and a couple pastries. “Hope you don’t mind, I took the liberty,” he stated as he put the items down on the small round table. Paul sat back and sent a few texts to a friend and put then put his phone down on the table. “Watch my stuff?” he asked as he rose. “I’ll be back in a couple minutes, nature calls,” he grinned sheepishly. Eve laughed and said, “Sure.” She was halfway through her muffin when the first text came back lighting up his screen, the vibration had scooted the device closer to her. She fought the urge to see who was texting Paul, but when the next two came up she grabbed the phone lying to herself saying she’d just silence the thing.

The texts were steamy and about a girl he’d just met. The text from what appeared to be a male colleague wanted details and pics if possible. For the hell of it and without thinking Eve took a selfie of herself and hit reply. Paul chose that moment to place a hand on her shoulder and Eve dropped the phone into her lap. “Sorry,” he lied. “I didn’t mean to startle you.” His fingertips barely grazed the zipper of her pants as he picked up his phone but Eve felt like he’d set her on fire down there. She started to stammer out an apology and he hushed her with a finger to her lips. “I guess you liked what I wrote?” He poised it as a question but she could tell he already knew the answer. She nodded in silence and Paul felt his cock stiffen as he entertained the idea of Eve being his submissive.

She heard him ask her to follow him as he took her hand in his. They had exactly twenty minutes before their flight would board and Paul knew how he wanted to spend his last few minutes on earth, so to speak. Paul dropped her bag beside him and pushed Eve gently into the empty space that seemed tucked away for their personal pleasure at the moment. Paul hungrily devoured Eve’s full lips sucking on them and biting them until they turned a ruby red. With his hands he pulled her even closer to him and began massaging her full ass. “Did my texts turn you on precious?” He whispered against her throat. She moaned ascent as she felt his hard cock push against her stomach through both their clothes. “Would you like me to take you like I wanted to?” Again she moaned as he undid her zipper and pushed aside her wet panties. “Tell me precious how you want me.” Eve found her voice was rough as she responded, “I want you to finger me.”

Paul roughly began fucking her with two fingers as he kissed her against the corner of the wall. He knew his time was running up and he wanted to feel her ride him but he also knew she’d need a little coaxing for that. He could tell she was way out of her comfort zone by she was responding to his touch. Her pussy felt tight and unused and he wanted to change that. Just before she released into an orgasm Paul abruptly stopped and withdrew his mouth and fingers. He knew she’d pull him close and he wanted to hear her beg him a little. He saw the disappointment flood her face when she realized how close she’d come. As he unzipped himself and began stroking his cock in front of her she bit down on her lip. She stepped closer to him and ran her hands down his chest as she whispered, “Please…I was so close.” She placed her hands over his hands as he continued to slide his hands over his thick member it was glistening with precum. “Mmmmm,” was how he responded with a wicked smile. “Tell me Eve, have you ever fucked someone in an airport before?”

“Of course not,” she replied.

“But you want to, don’t you?”

Quietly Eve added, “I guess I do Paul.”

“I don’t want you to guess,” he said low like a growl.

“Yes, I want to fuck you here in the airport. Hard against this wall right now,” she demanded.

“Turn around then…good. Now slide your jeans down and the panties, mmm hmmm. Now both palms flat up against the wall.” He guided his cock into her wet folds and shoved his whole length into her waiting gap before withdrawing and doing it again. He grabbed her hair and wrapped it around his fist to force her torso to arch back giving him even more access. He continued his pounding as she cried out her first orgasm. His balls furiously slapping against her waiting pussy dripping around him. He heard their first boarding call as he finished inside her. He was panting as he withdrew covered in their juices. “Next time we meet will be a thousand feet in the air, I hope you’re ready precious.”eb862bb0433cdd6d25511e523a909396.jpg


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