The Cowboy Experience…

Give me one reason to stay here.

Josh is a real cowboy. He stands a little over six foot tall in his dark brown lariat boots paired with a black stetson. Thankfully he hides his scorpio eyes behind sunglasses most of the time or I’d never leave the property. I know from experience that he can either be soft or strong. He likes to fuck with his boots on and just his fly undone until I wrestle down his wranglers over his shapely ass begging him to lean in closer. He doesn’t care if we disturb the neighbors even though they’re his parents. When I can’t sleep he will slip in beside me at midnight on the screened in sun porch. In the near dark his hands and kisses will tip my yearnings in his favor. Whatever Josh wants is whatever Josh will get.

His sun tanned hands feel like velvet when he caresses my backside. He slaps my pert ass sometimes when we’re in public just so I remember who owns it. He knows I am his “sweetheart”. He coaxes words out of me while he’s full inside of me stalling my orgasm until my knees go weak and I give him purchase to all secrets. These confessions will spur him into locking my thighs around his hips and at this depth his rhythm will reach its maximum capacity. Finally when I feel like I can’t take anymore he will lean his torso fully into me loosed legged and spent with that grin on his face.

He joins me in the kitchen today after his little foray into his tomato and pepper garden. He smells like fresh earth and sweat. His short black hair is glistening with sweat around his ears and his white tee stained yellow around the neck is sticking to his chest. His hands grasp me around my waist as he stoops to kiss first my ear and then my cheek. His nibbling begins as he brushes my long auburn hair to the side exposing my flesh to his taunting. I place both of my palms on the counter and close my eyes, he’s got me already and he knows it as I let out a little sigh. He kicks one leg and then the other further apart with his mud caked boots. His hot breath at my neck teases, “Waiting for me?” I worry my bottom lip and nod my ascent as his hands run up and down my inner thighs. I’m wearing a white and black satin negligee and nothing else this afternoon and I am burning up from his touch. “I’m ready,” I plead. “Hmm,” he laughs. “I don’t think so sweetheart. I want to taste you first.”



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