Rebound Sex

Who hasn’t uttered, “Don’t worry! The best way to get over them is to get under somebody new.” At a bar, at a wedding and certainly after a funeral I would emphatically suggest this is the plan A of action for a recent star crossed lover who has discovered themeselves either crossed over or crossed out on Santa’s gift list. After the eggnog and mistletoe get it on and get out from under it, don’t hold out for something better because you will be hard pressed to find anyone proudly single in the months of November and December. If your summer fun guy can stick through the inevitable awkward comparisons and confusions. “No mom, I didn’t say we we’re getting married. And yes a spring wedding for cousin Brandy is going to be wonderful.” 

“His name is Jeffrey Aunt Mary, not Josh. Yes, Josh was a very polite man and I do remember him loving your mille fois.”

The holidays are hell on relationships, and for one good reason, well maybe a combination of two good reasons: families and alcohol.

That’s why I’ve always preferred Halloween. After October its an uphill battle that’s longer and deadlier than the civil war for romance. If you’ve got any skeletons in a closet, cellar, attic or maybe just some stuff behind a magical sheet like the great wizards of Kansas you can guarantee that somebody will be shouting about it before grand memas appleshine’s gone. 


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